Keep this country great

The United States is an amazing and wonderful country, but we must strive to be better. Our foreign policy is often short sighted and misguidedly selfish. We as a nation need to stop being hypocritical.

We should never supply military training, weapons, or money to groups, rulers, or governments who continually commit serious human rights violations. It doesn't matter if their enemy is our enemy. When we make pacts with devils it comes back to bite us. When we do things that hurt parts of the global village, we end up paying for it in the long run. In the past we've supported Hussain, Osama Bin Laden, and the Taliban. Our moral short-sightedness helped to create our own enemies.

We have supported groups who committed terrorist acts. Now we are telling the world that all terrorism must be stopped. Because of our past misguided policies we now lack credibility with other nations.

We don't respect other nations who hold Americans prisoner without due process. We don't respect other nations who have secret military trials of American citizens where the accused may be killed. Again, I say that we need to not be hypocritical. The more connected the world becomes, the more vital it is for us to earn the respect and trust of the other countries in the world.

We have the largest military on the planet. We must not be corrupted by our strength. We must be wise, fair, and just, especially in times of crisis.

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